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Matakana Farmer’s Market

I had the pleasure of visiting Matakana Farmers Market  when I was in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago. I had driven past this little village many times before on my way to some of the bigger tourist attractions, but had never really explored it. Though I had always wanted to visit a farmers market, my boyfriend (Mr. A) was not a fan. So when I read about this market on Jetstar’s inflight magazine, I decided to make my visit. Mr. A was finally convinced after reading Jetstar’s recommendations and rave reviews from our friends, who had enjoyed their visits. So one Saturday, we skipped breakfast and headed straight to the coast wine country.

When we arrived, the village was bustling with people. We had to park really far away. The popularity of this farmers market was unbelievable.

There are about 15 to 20 stands, each selling their own homemade products, made from scratch with fresh, local produce. The aroma of fresh bread from the above Pukeko Bakery (Handmade Pastries) made my stomach churned and the above chocolate stand almost tempted me to buy their pure dark hot chocolate, but I decided I wanted something different and just enjoyed their beautiful food with my eyes.

Mr. A bought oysters from this stand pictured below. He loved oysters and was glad the price was reasonable. He said good quality, tasty oysters are usually very expensive in Auckland. This one was, as he described it, ‘super tasty’.

I opted for a BAP, which was like a burger, except the bread was not a bun. I don’t know how to describe it properly, so just look at the picture below and you’ll get it :D. The BAP was made of freshly made homemade bread and free range chicken and bacon. It was delicious. It must had looked delicious as well, I guess, because when I was in the middle of my meal, someone tapped me and asked where I got it. The stand was so busy I had to wait about fifteen minutes for my BAP. I didn’t mind, though.

We also had some wood-fired pizza, which was tasty and very filling. It cost NZ$10 each, which, compared to the price for Pizza Hut or Domino’s was quite expensive, but this pizza was made with freshly made dough and fresh ingredients. It was worth the money. I also tried a homemade pork sausage, which was the most delicious sausage I had ever eaten. I wasn’t exaggerating. It was sooooo delicious I had to take some home.

That concluded our time in the Matakana Farmers market. I really enjoyed it and would love to come back on my next holiday to Auckland. If you’re ever in Auckland, do take time to visit this awesome market. Matakana is only a short 45 minute drive from Auckland and the view during the trip was worth the drive. We passed through numerous wineries and one even offered a free tour every day. I’ll discuss it in my next post.

P.S. Sorry about the pics. I don’t know why they came out all squishy.


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