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When my brother turned eight, he asked for The Avengers birthday party. We had recently watched it on the big screen and he fell in love with all the characters. In an instant, he was no longer fascinated with dinosaurs. It meant that the ideas I had brainstormed for his dinosaur party all went to waste. No matter, though, because I love The Avengers, too.

The problem was, we were only two weeks away from the date of the party. He had originally wanted it to be just family, but then he wanted to invite his friends from school as well. So with only two weeks to plan, I had to sacrifice a lot of things I wanted to include. Being a perfectionist, this wasn’t easy, but in the end I settled to just creating a dessert table and left the bigger things (like food and games) to the team at McDonald’s.

I’m not sure if they have this in the other countries, but in Indonesia, Jakarta especially, you can have your kid’s party at McDonald’s for a reasonable price. The price includes food and drink for the kids, party favours, presents for the games, one MC, balloons, invitations, and a special gift for the birthday boy or girl. We didn’t want to have it at their store, so we moved the party to our living room instead. I have to admit, this doesn’t go well with our overall theme, but again, with only two weeks, we didn’t have a lot of time.

Back to the party. I spent days looking for The Avengers party printable on Etsy and found none. There were lots of superhero party printable though and finally I settled for one by Wants and Wishes Design. The designs are colorful and vintage, which I adore. I ordered the complete party pack and used my imaginations to create my own dessert table. This was my first creation, so bear with me 😀

We didn’t have a bigger table and didn’t want to buy a new one, so I settled for this one. In the end it worked out okay. I chose to use red, blue, green, and yellow as my main colors. The yellow tablecloth was my Grandma’s, bought years ago at a local market. The sign was sytorofam. I bought it for cheap at a bookstore and taped it with red, blue, green, and yellow craft paper.  The comic book words, clouds, and lightnings all from here.

The birthday cake was missing on the above picture. I originally wanted to order The Avengers birthday cake, but one of my dad’s friend sent my brother a huge chocolate birthday cake, so we used that instead. My mom didn’t want to display it here (even for the photos!) because the weather was so hot that day she was afraid it’d melt.

I chose what desserts (or food) we’d serve and came up with the names myself. My brother loved them!

The Hawkeye Arrows is made of my brother’s favorite food. It’s just fried tofu, sausages, and boiled egg on a stick. You eat it with tomato sauce. Delicious. The box was my old shoebox, wrapped with red wrapping paper and I made small holes on it.

My mom baked the chocolate cupcakes, topped with chocolate buttercream icing. They were super delicious! The cake stand was ours, a really old one.

I ordered these adorable Iron Man and Captain America cookies from my friend Maria, owner of Cuppytart. At first Maria wasn’t sure if she could pull of my order, but in the end the cookies turned out great.

My brother had a blast at his party. The MC from McDonald’s kept the kids entertained for a good an hour and a half. My dessert table was a hit. None was left at the end. I had to hide a few cookies so my brother could enjoy them after the party.

I was quite satisfied at how my work turned out. Everybody loved it. I couldn’t wait to start planning my next party!


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