Travelling is Necessary for Everyone

Stingy people hate travelling because it requires a lot of money. For the workaholic, travelling is a waste of time and energy that can otherwise be used to do more work and thus gain more money. For those lazy individuals, travelling is costly as it asks them to plan things and pack their bags, some tasks that are just too tiring for them to do. For each of these people, their reasons may seem logical. Yet in reality, they’re missing out on the most exciting way to live life to the fullest. Travelling is necessary for everyone.

Travelling educates you. When you eat Dim Sum in China, you learn how to use the chopsticks. You’re taught to drink the Chinese Tea rather than the usual soft drinks or mineral water. You find out that eating Dim Sum is considered as a chance of bonding between friends or family members. You learn that they all use the same points of the chopsticks when they are taking the food from the plate or putting the food into their mouths. You pick up their accents and languages. All in all, whether you like it or not, you have been educated.

Travelling grants you the opportunity to admire the beautiful things in life. Have you ever been to Mount Bromo in East Java and find yourselves standing in awe of the magnificent scenery that the mountain has to offer not only during times of sunrise and sunset, but all through the day? Have you ever been to the Louvre Museum in Paris where art seems like the only thing that matters? Have you spent a day on the beautiful beaches in Hawaii, just sunbathing and listening to the superb sounds of the waves crashing? If you haven’t, you have missed on just three of the most beautiful things on Earth. You have not yet appreciated all the wonders that our Creator has generously bestowed upon us. You have not enjoyed life. Therefore, you have no right to be mad if judged as unthankful, unintelligent individuals.

Last but not least, travelling rewards you with unforgettable lifetime experiences. My friend Lucy was not an adventurous kind of girl. If anything, she was rather quiet and preferred to enjoy life by involving herself in her drawing book. Her decision to join the high school’s study trip to Australia was the result of months’ of her closest friends’ pleas and persuasions. By the time the group arrived at Gold Coast and began thundering through the famous theme parks, Lucy began to regret that she agreed to go in the first place. What made her try the rides was her friends’ assurance that she was wasting her money if she didn’t. What happened next was beyond my imagination. I saw something changed in Lucy. She was braver. She was brave enough to approach new things, as if riding the thrilling rides had changed the way she viewed things in life. She even pulled me aside on graduation day, nearly two years after our trip to the Gold Coast. She thanked me and her other friends for persuading her to go in the first place. She didn’t regret that she tried the rides. She said it changed her for the better.

Travelling is necessary for everyone. It furnishes you with a broaden knowledge, offers you a chance to really enjoy life, and bestows upon you magical lifetime experiences you will always remember. Now what are you waiting for? Do not think like those stingy, workaholic, or lazy people. Think like an adventurer. Act like a traveller. Go pack you bags. And live life to the fullest.

Written by Cindy Tanudjaja for her Writing Class assignment on 16/10/2008


4 thoughts on “Travelling is Necessary for Everyone

  1. I have a list tacked up on my wall of all the places I want to go once I get a ‘Real Person Job’ and some money. The world is such a big place that its a shame not to see more than a sliver of it.

  2. I agree! Travelling certainly requires a lot of ime, money and effort, its much easier to lie back and do nothing. But nothing worthwhile is easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it…

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