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Which Superhero Will You Date?

This year marks the release of three superhero blockbuster films. The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, andthe final end to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Night Rises, all ‘performed’ well on cinemas worldwide and generated millions of dollars. These three movies shared similar strategies for global success: tall, dark, and handsome heroes combined with high-tech movie-making and good storylines.

With their tall, good-looking selves, and their super powers, the heroes in those movies provided more than entertainment to us ladies. They were delicious eye-candies. Ladies, which one will you choose as your date?

Don’t make your decision now, because below, I have outlined pros and cons for dating each superhero. Read on and choose the perfect superhero for your date.


The Iron Man, played brilliantly by Robert Downey Jr., is a billionaire turned superhero. He is kidnapped by terrorists and is forced to construct weapons of mass destruction, but he builds himself an iron suit instead and frees himself from their capture. The suit is bulletproof, armed with deadly armours, and able to fly. He then uses his newfound super power to help his country combat enemies.

PROS: He is adventurous and mega rich. He has a good sense of humour, so a date with him will never be boring. He can take you to expensive places with his private helicopter and showers you with gifts. He is smart and has the coolest gadgets. He doesn’t take life too seriously, which makes him fun to be around and with him, a new day means a new adventure. He also doesn’t conceal his private identity, so you can boast him around to your friends. They’ll definitely drool over your new date, the handsome, funny, and rich Tony Stark.

CONS: He is proud, very stubborn, and as agent Phil Coulson described him in The Avengers, he doesn’t work well with others. Don’t expect him to be the lovey-dovey type, because he isn’t, and make sure you have a lot of patience as he likes to flatter women, to be the centre of attention. He is also a workaholic. Be prepared if you don’t see a lot of him when he’s working on a new technology. During that time, you’re number two on his list.


My personal favourite, the brave, patriotic, and well-mannered Steve Rogers used to be small and weak, but that never stopped him from enlisting to serve his country during World War II. He’s always rejected, but he never gives up , until one day he gets the attention of Dr. Abraham Erskine, who recruits him to be a guinea pig for a top secret research project. In the hands of Dr. Erskine, Steve is transformed into a tall, strong, muscle-clad, war expert, Captain America.

PROS: He was born in the ‘40s, so the gentlemen-like manner and way of life of that era still sticks with him. He is decent and will definitely treat you well. He is strong and well-built, so he’ll be able to protect you from harm. Imagine being held by those strong arms, what would it feel like? Warm and secure, I suppose. He’s looking for a serious relationship. As he said in the movie, he was waiting for the right partner. If you want to date a respectable gentleman, Captain America is your best bet.

CONS: He’s been sleeping for over 70 years. That makes him very, very old. He may look young and handsome on the outside, but really, he is old. He is very patriotic, so don’t expect him to hang around with you if another war breaks. He is also quite shy and doesn’t know how to treat the ladies. You may have to be the one who makes the first move.


Thor is a god, the crown prince of Asgaard. He can control lightning and uses it to power his much-loved hammer. He likes to go to war and always wins and that makes him too proud. He is very spontaneous and doesn’t like to evaluate the consequences before he does things. He almost causes war in Asgaard, which enrages his father. King Odin casts him out to earth, where he is forced to learn to live among humans.  This turns out to be a good idea, because on earth, Thor learns that without his power, he is nothing and that going to war is not always a solution.

PROS: He is the well-built among the other superheroes. He is tall, handsome, and strong. He is a god. What more do I need to say? Date him and you’ll have a shot of becoming Queen.

CONS: He doesn’t have good manners. Being a prince and a really proud man, he is probably used to getting his ways all the time. Don’t expect him to be so conscious about your feelings. He will probably catch on, as you teach him how, but in the beginning of your relationship, make sure you have a lot of patience.

Being the crown prince of Asgaard means he has a lot of responsibilities. He can’t stay on earth all the time. He has to leave you. You’ll not know when he’ll come back. He doesn’t have a cell phone. You can’t contact him. You just have to wait, just have to trust him that he’ll come back for you.


The new spider-man, played by Andrew Garfield, got his powers after being bitten by a spider at a research lab. Unlike the former version, though, this Peter Parker is shown practicing his jumps and building the weapon he created himself, some sort of a watch-like gadget, which blurts out spider webs for him to swing from one building to another and to trap his enemies, a scene missing from the older version. However, Uncle Ben still dies in this new version and Peter still blames himself and, in the first half of the movie, devotes his power to catch the man that murders his beloved uncle. I don’t remember whether he manages to find that criminal after all. A new, more dangerous and powerful enemy emerges and takes over Peter’s attention. He triumphs over The Lizard in the end and saves New York City.

PROS: He is loyal. In both versions, he’s shown to have been forever in love with one girl. It shows that his heart doesn’t change course easily.  You don’t have to worry about him cheating. He’s a good photographer, so you can pretend you’re a model and pose for pictures on your date. You don’t need any mode of transportation, as you can just hold on to him tightly as you swing from one building to another. He can build a large net for both of you using his spider webs. You can lie on it, next to each other, while you both stare at the moonlit sky. It’ll be romantic.

CONS: He is broke, so you can bid farewell to any fancy date idea you have. He’s also geeky and a nerd. He works mainly during the night, so a dinner date may not work out. Don’t bother to do your hair and dress up nicely if you’re going to swing with him on your date. The wind will ruin everything.


The Dark Knight a.k.a. the Batman is a DC Comics superhero. His secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. He loves his city Gotham so much (maybe even a little too much) and is willing to sacrifice anything to protect it. He has the coolest cars and weapons, highly trained in martial arts, intellectual, and his detective skills are commendable.

PROS: He is rich. He lives in a mansion. He has a strong sense to protect those he loves, so you can feel safe. He rides the coolest, most expensive cars. He knows how to treat women well. He has a good heart (his company builds a rehabilitation centre for underprivileged, orphaned boys, giving them a better chance at life).

CONS: He loves Gotham too much. He’s even willing to sacrifice himself to save his city. You’ll always be number two on his list. And if he has to choose between Gotham and you, he may choose to leave you. He has a lot of enemies, so even though he is there to protect you, there’s still a chance you will be harmed. He protects his private identity for the ones he cares about,  thus, even though he’s in love with you, he still won’t tell you his real identity. You have to date him, mask, cape and all.


Superman is born in planet Krypton. He is sent to earth with a rocket by his father moments before the planet is destroyed by its enemies. He is the last of his kind, raised by a farmer and given the name Clark Kent. His powers include his ability to fly in lightning speed, bulletproof, incredibly strong, laser eyes, and many, many more. He’s probably the most powerful between all the superheroes.

PROS: He’s strong. He’s handsome. He can fly.

CONS: He’s not from earth, meaning he’s an alien. He has too many enemies. He can’t be in a relationship if it means risking your life.

Now ladies, which one will you choose as your date?

P.S. I choose Captain America.


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