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How to Throw a Budget-Friendly Movie Party

Don’t let your small budget keep you away from hosting your own movie party. If you plan ahead and focus only on the necessities, you’ll be surprised at how little money you have to spend. Here are some tips to throw a budget-friendly movie party:

Host the event at the comfort of your own home

This is obvious. No renting the cinema. Your backyard or your living room will suffice.

Keep it small

Aim to have a maximum of ten guests. The less number of guests you have, the less food and drink you have to serve.

Serve snacks only and avoid alcohols

Let’s face it. No one eats a full meal during movies. So serving only popcorns, chocolate bars, and candies won’t make you look cheap. You can offer different tastes of popcorn: extra butter, salty, or caramel, and have different brands of chocolate bars and candies to appeal to everyone’s tastes. Avoid wines or beers and serve only sodas, water, and if you must, juices. They’re a lot cheaper and they’ll keep everyone sober.

No printed invitations. No party favours

Use e-invites. Send text messages. Send emails. Invite them personally. By all means avoid printed invitations. They always get thrown away in the end anyway. The same goes for party favours. With a small budget, you can’t afford to send your guests home with cool mementos. Instead, make sure they have a good time and it’ll make your party memorable.  If you feel like you MUST give out favours anyway, provide take-home bags and ask your guests to fill theirs with treats (the extras from the popcorns and sweets you serve).  

Say no to plastic cups

Use the cups or glasses you already have in your kitchen. You will have to do more cleaning after the party, but you will save a few dollars. The same goes for plates and cutleries.

Keep it simple

Set no theme. Themed parties are a lot more expensive. Having no theme means you don’t have to decorate a certain way. Keep decoration costs low because once the movie starts, no one will notice you have beautiful, colourful streamers hanging off your ceiling.

For a successful movie party, you only need six basic things: a laptop, a projector, a clean, white wall, some snacks, a good seating area, and of course, a great movie. Don’t have a projector? Borrow one. Make sure you have a clean, white wall to project your movie unless you have a big screen. Arrange enough seats for your guests. If you don’t have enough sofas, throw in bean bag chairs or ask your guests to bring their own chairs.

Avoid lengthy movie

That means no Star Wars marathon or The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Showing longer movies means you have to serve more snacks and drinks. Pick a movie that sticks to your timing and that everyone will love.

Follow these tips and you’ll see that even with a minimum budget, you can still throw a fun movie party!


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