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Calling All Adventurers! – My Guide to Auckland part 3 – Adventure Tours

Are you an adventure seeker? Do you love adrenaline-pumping activities? If your answer’s yes, then this guide is perfect for you. From 4WD to caving, from abseiling to sky jumping, Auckland has a lot of activities to both challenge and entertain you.

To be honest, I am more a laid-back traveller. I prefer sightseeing than jumping off bridges, walking on the beach than hanging by a rope while touring down a steep, rocky mountain. I can’t even ski or snowboard. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to try. There are activities I’d not do in a million years, but there are some that I’ve been thinking to do sometime in the future. This guide also acts like a mini bucket list for me.


Imagine plummeting 200kmph with magnificent views of Auckland skies and beaches from as high as 9,000 feet, freefalling for 20 seconds! If you want longer time of freefall, choose jumping from 13,000 (45 seconds) or 16,500 (70 seconds). It’s exhilarating just writing it.

The skydive in Auckland is tandem skydiving, which means you’re jumping with a qualified skydiving instructor. The instructor will guide you to the whole process, from jumping off the plane to safe landing. This makes skydiving almost easy for everyone to try. I guess the hardest parts will be deciding to go in the first place and actually jumping off that plane. Once you’re freefalling, I doubt that you’re able to think about anything else. I picture going blank with just the adrenaline rush pumping my heart. Don’t worry though, once you reach 5,000 feet, your instructor will pull your parachute and you will have about five minutes to enjoy the glorious views around you as you both gently float back down to earth.

I’ve been wanting to try skydiving for years. I think it’ll be absolutely exciting! The only thing that have held me back is the price. It can easily add up to as almost NZ$600 if I want to jump from 16,500 feet and take home a DVD and photos of me in action. But I guess, that money is nothing when you compare to the experience and the lifetime memory. Maybe next year when I come back to Auckland, I’ll finally do it.

If you want to get try tandem skydiving, visit Skydive Auckland. They’ve been in the business for more than 20 years. Of course there are lots of other companies offering the same service. Shop around for the best prices.


Leap out from Auckland’s Harbour Bridge. Enjoy an exclusive bridge walk to the specially-built bungy area. Take view of the gorgeous Waitemata Harbour as you build up your courage to jump from the world’s first harbour bungy jump. There are options available to fit your needs: ankle-tie, harness jump, or tandem. Bungy jumping is also available for kids with a minimum age of ten years.

AJ Hackett Bungy is the first company to offer bungy jumping as adventure tourism in Auckland. The company has a record of over 1 million safe bungy jumps. If you think skydiving’s not for you, then why not try bungy jumping? The price is not as steep and it’s not as scary.

Picture coypright AJ Hackett Bungy


Roam the wild New Zealand river with Wet ‘n Wild Rafting and enjoy new experiences and acquire memories that you will treasure for years to come. Located in Rotorua, this fun adventure is only a three-hour drive away from central Auckland. Expect incredible views of the greenery, century-old trees lining up on striking hills, and a group of sheep and cows lounging on the lawn along your journey.

Choose from the many rafting adventures on offer, rated from one to six stars according to the thrills and challenges they each encompass. The one stared escapade is for the beginners, with just calm water, minimal waves. The more stars an adventure has, the more exhilarating and gripping it is. The one with five stars, for example, is created for the truly wild at heart, with ‘very powerful rapids’ and ‘complex, precise, and powerful sequential maneuvering’ is required.

I believe there are lots of others white and water rafting companies offering similar adventures in Auckland and its surrounding areas. Once again, it’s important to do your research. Shop around and compare prices. Make sure you get the best deal and make sure the place you choose suit your needs and expectations.

Picture copyright Wet ‘n Wild Rafting


Live on the edge – literally. Skywalk 1.2km around the famous Auckland landmark, the Sky Tower, protected by nothing but the full body harness and overhead safety lines. Don’t look down as you’ll be 192m above ground. There are no handrails to hold on to if you’re feeling dizzy. Look around you instead, breathing in the stunning views of surrounding Auckland. In a clear day, you can see as far as 80km from each direction.


This is something you can do if you want to experience the similar feeling, but is too afraid to do the real bungy jump. Unlike bungy jumping, in Sky Jump, you don’t leap off head first.  Instead, you’re attached to a wire and a body harness and you’re lowered down very fast (85kph) and land in just 11 seconds. I’ve seen a lot of people do this and their landings are always very smooth and since it happens so fast, I doubt you’ll be able to see much view during. I recommend you gather your courage and do the bungy jumping instead.


Waitomo is about one and a half hour drive from Central Auckland. It is home to numerous adventure and sightseeing spots that will appeal to everyone’s tastes. Try their Lost World Tour and abseil down 100m to the Lost World. The view during the 30 minute abseiling is said to be spectacular. If you want to experience more, do the Haggas Honking Holes, where you can abseil in a waterfall, do rock climbing, and grovelling. The ultimate experience is the 7 Hour Epic, which I would never recommend for anyone that’s not physically fit. You’ll abseil, tube, grovel, walk, climb, and swim along the challenging path. See more adventure options available right here.

This guide is merely a starting point for your Auckland adventure. If you want to find more adventures or more laid-back options and sightseeing tours, please look here.

Travelling with family? Check out my guide for family fun travel.


5 thoughts on “Calling All Adventurers! – My Guide to Auckland part 3 – Adventure Tours

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    I’ve been the the south island of New Zealand, but never Auckland on the north island. But after reading this guide to Auckland, I’m not going to miss out the next time I visit New Zealand! I’m just jealous from all these awesome photos.

  2. I’ve been living in Auckland for more than 10 years, and always want to experience the Waitomo Adventures. Looks cool! Keep up the good work! Need more info of “where to go” around north Island! 🙂

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