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I’m not breaking up with Facebook (yet)

I’ve been reading quite a few articles lately about people breaking up with Facebook. Their reasons vary, from bridge of personal space to too much drama, from the fear that Facebook is selling their personal infos to getting plain bored by the social network. Apparently the number of Facebook quitters have reached 2 million this year. I have a feeling this number will continue to increase, but I’m not ready to end my relationship with Facebook just yet. And here’s why:

Facebook makes it easy to keep in touch with family and friends. One of my best friends lives in the US. He’s an avid Facebook user and it is a hundred times easier to contact him through Facebook message than by sending him a message via the Whatsapp messenger. I also have lots of other friends who do not call Jakarta home anymore. They’re spread out all over the world. Some I haven’t seen since high school graduation. It’s nice to see them on Facebook and know what they’re up to, what they’re doing with their lives. I may not talk to them at all, but I still think it’s nice knowing that if I do want to get in touch with them someday, they’re there on my friends list.

When I was studying for my Bachelor degree in Auckland, I found Facebook very useful in keeping in touch with my family, particularly my younger brothers. I don’t know what is it about guys and texting or emailing. My brothers seemed to dislike doing any of that. They’re active on Facebook, though. And through the photos they uploaded or were tagged on, I got to see their lives, got to see what they had been up to. I used the Facebook message frequently, just trying to make sure we didn’t lose touch completely. I value my family relationship highly and it is important for me to keep them close and Facebook helped me achieve that when I was miles away. And since I’m planning to move back to Auckland again soon, I’m not ready to give Facebook up yet.

Facebook makes shopping easy. More sellers are opening their shops on Facebook. At least that’s what’s happening in Indonesia. I am friends with at least 20 different shops selling anything from affordable clothings to vintage cameras. It’s so easy and comfortable shopping through Facebook. I just have to text the seller, pay through internet banking, and a few days later the good arrives in my doorstep. I don’t even have to leave my desk! Of course I still love doing the real shopping trip at the malls, but the traffic in Jakarta is so terrible it makes going out a chore. Facebook saves me time, energy, and money – the clothes are way cheaper than the ones in the mall and not being stuck in traffic means I get to save on petrol spending.

Facebook makes promoting products cheap and easy. I own an online store specializing in imported beauty products. I don’t have the means to promote my products on magazines or giant billboards, so I promote my business through Facebook ads. It’s so easy, it’s cheap, and it’s allowed me to enlarge my customer base. I do understand that some people hate looking at the ads on their Facebook page, but from a business perspective, Facebook adds makes promoting a product affordable.

I can’t think of any more reason to why I’m keeping my relationship with Facebook. Yes, the social network does have some flaws and maybe it sells our private information to businesses, but as long as they help me stay connected with friends and family, makes promoting my business cheap, and helps me do shopping without finding traffic, then I’m prepared to ignore the flaws (for as long as I can bear).

Are you still in a relationship with Facebook? Or are you thinking of breaking up with the social network? 


2 thoughts on “I’m not breaking up with Facebook (yet)

  1. Hey 🙂
    I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my time apart from Facebook – I deactivated my account for 2 weeks to see how I’d cope without it, I use the word ‘cope’ because I was slightly addicted. Anyway, the 2 weeks were awesome, I made a list of all the stuff I got done without it bothering me, and I have it back now but I don’t go on it nearly as much.
    You can always try deactivating it like I did, then it’s not really deleted, just on hold for while 🙂

    • Hi Jessica, thx for the comment 😀

      That’s actually a good suggestion. I always thought deactivating your account meant deleting it :p Maybe I can try that someday. But as for now I still like Facebook :p

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