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To Unfriend or Stay Friends – The Facebook Dilemma

We all have at least one person in our Facebook friends list that we are itching to unfriend. I have a many.

One of my friends changes her status every few seconds. It’s irritating. One second it’s about her arriving at the mall. Another second about her going to the bathroom. I don’t need to know every single little thing you do, thank you very much.

Another friend shares her experience with pregnancy and breastfeeding a little too much. I can still tolerate it when she’s just posting about entering her second trimester and how she has developed new stretch marks. But when she starts talking about her bleeding nipple and asking her friends publicly for advice, that’s when I put her on top of my list of people to unfriend.

Yes, I have a list – not a written one, just this mental note I made up in my mind – of people to unfriend. There are two that I’ve mentioned, plus a guy who posts hundreds of photos of himself, a girl who keeps swearing and getting angry for no apparent reason, and a few more.

It seems silly that I have this list and I still haven’t unfriend any of the people on that list. I can still see their status updates, however absurd they are. I can still see the photos that weird guy posts and shakes my head disapprovingly at how every photos seem to capture only himself in his own bedroom, probably taken with his webcam. These people annoy me and make using Facebook less fun for me, but yet I am still their friend. I am still debating on whether to unfriend them or stay Facebook friends with them.

Why, you may be asking. What’s the big deal?

The answers are simple. One, I don’t want to hurt their feelings. What if they see my name one day on the ‘People You May Know’ column? What if they get offended that I unfriend them? I am still friends with them outside Facebook. When they’re not expressing themselves through online media, they’re actually pretty normal. I think it would be awkward if I unfriend them and still socialize with them outside Facebook.

Another reason is the unsubscribe option. Why unfriend when I can simply unsubscribe? I’ll no longer receive any of their updates with the bonus of not having to answer the question: ‘why did you unfriend me on Facebook?’. The unsubscribe option is my saviour, a solution to my Facebook dilemma.

As I’m writing this post, I’ve unsubscribed from everyone on my list, except the weird guy who shares too many photos of himself. I haven’t met him in two years and I can’t remember why I am friends with him in the first place, so I decided to unfriend him. We’re no longer Facebook friends. It feels great to know that my Facebook home will not display any of his pictures anymore.

I am so glad for the unsubcribe option. I am not unfriending (I hope that’s a valid word) anyone as long as this option lasts.

What about you? Are you experiencing the same dilemma? Have you unfriend someone and it gets ugly? Share your stories below!

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