What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Lately I have been reminiscing about my past travels and how I have always done it the similar way. I went to Europe three times with a touring group. When my family and I travelled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Seattle, we hired a minivan and a tour guide/driver to take us around. The times I travelled without a guide was when we went to Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore and when my boyfriend took me around New Zealand.

Mr. A and me at the Huka Prawn Park, Taupo, New Zealand

From my experience, I know I am not a solo traveller. I have never travelled anywhere by myself. I also know that I am not a spontaneous traveller. I like having a fixed itinerary before I begin my journey. So, what kind of traveller am I? I’m not sure.

I thought it would be interesting to find out. There must be lots of quizzes and articles out there dedicated to this topic. So I went to Google and came upon this NEXTPEDITION quiz. It looked quite interesting and I could get a travel sign, so I took the quiz and found out that my travel sign is a Glamologist. I have no idea what it meant, but basically, the site says that I am a glam traveller. Apparently, I am the type of person who travels in style, shop at high-end vintage stores, and wear faux fur. The result can’t be more wrong.

Disappointed, I took a few other quizzes, but the results were similar. They weren’t all false, but I didn’t feel like they truly described me. I don’t think I am a glam traveller. At least, not entirely. Yes, I have travelled to nice places and stayed at great hotels, but that’s just when I travel with my family. When I travel with my boyfriend or my friends, we prefer budget hotels. I also don’t shop at high-end vintage stores. I prefer to keep my vintage collection to furniture or books. And I wouldn’t be caught dead in a faux fur.

Contemplating on my results, I realized that it’s impossible to define what kind of traveller I am through quizzes. With the rapid growth of travel companies, budget airlines, and the new ways to travel (now there are eco travel, volunteer travel, etc), these quizzes are not accommodating enough. They’re too simplifying.

What kind of traveller am I? The quizzes can’t help me, thus I did some research, read a few articles, and came up with these five types of travellers. Are you one of these types? Take a read and find out.

The Ultimate Tourist

You travel to visit the famous places, the tourist spots. When you’re in Paris, you visit the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe, or the Cathedral of Notre Dame, but you don’t take time to explore many of Paris’s alleys and walkways or have lunch at the cute little cafe on the street. The essence of your travel is at the places you visit, the views, the souvenirs you bring back to your home country. You’re not so much concerned at experiencing the way the local lives or learning more about the place’s culture.

The famous monument Arc de Triomphe in Paris is always pack with tourists from all over the world (photo by Zone Tourism World)

You’re best to travel with a touring group. A touring group offers you a structured way to travel. You get to visit many different countries in a short amount of time.

Social Traveller

The true social traveller travels while giving back (photo by Real Gap)

As a social traveller, you travel while at the same time giving back to the community. Teach English in Cambodia and spend your free time exploring the country’s stunning temples. Volunteer at wildlife conservation projects or community development at Mozambique and enjoy the country’s beautiful little islands, swimming with the large fishes, or have some close encounters with many different animals. Real Gap has a lot of choices for volunteer travel opportunities.

Budget Traveller

As a budget traveller, you don’t have a lot of dough in you. You prefer to stay at hostels than hotels. Business class travel is not an option. You want to travel on the cheap. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t truly enjoy your travels. There are a selection of budget airlines available now. If you’re travelling to Asian countries, Air Asia has won the award for World’s Best Low Cost Airline for the fourth year running. I’ve travelled with the airline a few times and have never been disappointed. It regularly holds a sale, so check back often or subscribe to their mailing list so you never miss out.

When it comes to accommodation, backpacker hostels and budget motels/hotels are increasingly available. Competition is high, so they’re now paying more attention to the budget travellers’ needs and are continually upgrading their services. Another option is Couchsurfing. The site connects you to people from various cities that offer a free place to stay.

As a budget traveller, you can travel almost anywhere, as long as you take time to plan your travel (spontaneous travelling costs more).

Family Traveller

You are the travellers with kids or the ones that do enjoy travelling with their extended families. If you want to go to Auckland with your family, I have this guide to help you get started. Otherwise, there are a lot of travel agencies out there who can create a unique travel itinerary for you and your family, something that will appeal to all members. If you have kids, it’s probably not a good idea to travel to remote places. Disneyland maybe the safer choice. If there’s an elderly member in your group, hiking across the hills of Asia is a nightmare. A more relaxed trip exploring a famous city is a better choice.

Adventurous Traveller

The Odyssey Overland truck offers you a different kind of travel

You jump off bridges, leap off planes, swim with sharks, dive to the deepest of the ocean. You enjoy doing adrenaline-pumping activities, stuffs that make most people’s knees wobble with fear. You also like to travel off the beaten track, mixing with the locals, getting into the skins of a city. You prefer sleeping in tents than hotels, getting up close and personal with the animals in Kenya than sipping a Margarita while enjoying the beach view at Miami.

You’re best to travel with adventure tourism specialists. Company like Odyssey Overland takes you to the adventure of your lifetime. Travelling with their custom-built trucks to countries like Kenya or Istanbul. You’ll sleep in bush camps and spend from two to six months travelling, maybe covering a whole continent.

If you want to go to Auckland and experience its amazing attractions for the true adventurer at heart, check out my guide.

Have you determined what kind of traveller you are? I think I am the combination of the ultimate tourist, family traveller, and the budget traveller. I love visiting famous places, no matter how crowded they get. I travel at least once almost every year with my extended family. So far we’ve been to Europe, Hong Kong, and the West Coast of the USA. We’re planning to go Japan or China at the end of this year. And Mr. A and I have talked a lot about exploring New York together someday, the budget-traveller way.

Can you think of other types of travellers? Please let me know below. 


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