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Live like there’s no tomorrow

How many times have you gone to bed angry at someone? When is the last time you let your parents know how much you love them? Do your children know you are proud of them?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Is there a dream hidden inside you that you keep postponing to pursue?

We humans tend to think that we have all the time in the world to do the things we want to do, to speak the words we want to say. We think we’re still young, we can chase that dream later when we turn 30. But what if we never turn 30? We think we can go to bed still in fight with a friend and make up tomorrow. But what if tomorrow never comes? What if today is all we have?

My friend’s father passed away shortly after he finished washing his car one Saturday morning. He complained of chest pain, lost consciousness before the ambulance arrived, and died on the way to the hospital. My friend never got to say goodbye. She never got the chance to tell her dad ‘I love you’ one last time. He went away so suddenly. He was still young, only in his early 40s, never had an issue with his heart before, and was as healthy as he could be. His death was so unexpected.

To this day, a few years after her father’s passing, my friend was still in mourning. She said, if only she had known their time together was so short, she would hug him more; she would tell him she loved him every single day; and she would take more photos of him. She was heartbroken to find that there was not many photos of the two of them. They had years together and yet the only good picture of her and her dad was taken on her fourth birthday. It was implausible and my friend never really recovered from the guilt and regret.

A friend of my brother had been having some issues with his father. Their relationship had been in the rocks for years. One day he jumped from level 10 of a parking building. He died instantly. The broken relationship would remain broken for eternity. The tears his father cried at his son’s funeral were that of anguish and regret. Who would have thought, a bright young man of only 20 years old, would choose to end his life so abruptly?

We can never know what would happen in life. What happened to my friend can happen to me. And that scares me.

I don’t want to go to bed in fight with someone. I may not wake up to resolve it. Every day I make sure my parents and my brothers know I love each of them dearly. Maybe today is all I have. I have started writing my novel, a dream I have postponed many years. I don’t want to postpone it again and say I will start next year. I may not have next year.

Live everyday like it’s your last. Smile a lot. Laugh a lot. Be quick to forgive. Don’t hold a grudge. Don’t wait to do the things you want to do. Pursue your dream. Spend time with family. Love like there is no tomorrow.


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