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Chinese New Year (part 1)

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrates. Welcome to the year of the snake (water snake, to be more precise).

My family still values our Chinese roots and while we do not celebrate nor participate in other Chinese traditions and beliefs, we do commemorate the Chinese New Year. It’s a big family affair, when we a all gather, spend some quality time together, and exchange the Ang Pao or red envelopes. It’s one of my favorite holidays.

Tonight is the Chinese New Year’s Eve and as per tradition, the whole family gathers for a feast at my parents’. I’ve been told that the oldest member of the family is supposed to play host, but we’ve been eating at my parents’ for as long as I can remember. We’re not big into following the rules set by our ancestors a hundred percent. My parents’ place has the biggest space, so it makes sense that they host the big Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner every year.

chinese new yearWe have A LOT of food. My grandmother usually cooks for us, but this year my parents decide to order from our favorite caterer. The food are delicious and enjoying them while being surrounded by my much-loved family makes it even better. 

Dinner is the only thing on tonight’s agenda. The real festivity begins tomorrow.


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