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A milestone

love1Dear A,

Finally, we’re here. A milestone. A new high in our relationship. We’ve won against the distance. We’ve won against all those prejudices thrown at us. They said we wouldn’t last a year being separated over 8000 miles. Well look at us now. Three years, a million WhatsApp messages, and about a similar amount of Skype calls later, here we are, living in the same city at last.

A, I didn’t know this back then, but I know it now, those three challenging years we spent apart is one of the best thing that’s ever happened to our relationship. It has shaped us into better human beings, better lovers. It has strengthened us, allowed us to grow. We’ve come out stronger, more trusting, and all the more ready to face any new challenges that come our way. That long distance is a blessing in disguise.

I am thankful that we are still together. I am thankful for the past six and a half years. I never know that someone can make me this happy. I love you, A. This post is for you.

Here’s for another six million years.

Lots of love,



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