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My baby brother turned nine

reinhartYesterday my baby brother, Reinhart, turned nine. We celebrated by going to Din Tai Fung (our family’s favorite restaurant) for dinner.

He was so excited to turn nine. He asked me to help him pick a cool t-shirt for him to wear to his birthday dinner and he styled his own hair. He was the center of attention during the entire dinner time and he loved it. He kept going around talking to everyone and telling us stories of school and the donuts party he had earlier with his friends. He was adorable.

As my baby brother welcomed his new age with so much enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious and sad.

I don’t want him to grow up just yet.

I want him to stay being this lovable and sweet young boy. 

I want him to stay pure. I want him to keep making naive comments in unexpected moments and make me laugh.

I want him to keep thinking that it’s not embarrassing to hold hands with his big sister in public. He might find the idea mortifying in a few years.

I want to him to stay an elementary school student forever. It wouldn’t be fair (or good for his future), but I can’t help it. High school boys are so much harder to deal with. Besides, Reinhart’s school often holds events and I love seeing my brother performing on stage.

Now let me assure you that I don’t have a massive brother complex. I’m just not a big fan of change that’s happening way too fast.

I want those things.

I know they’re impossible to get, but a sister can wish, can’t she?

Happy belated birthday, baby bro. Despite all the selfish things I wished for, I do have one special, unselfish wish for you. I wish that you’ll grow to be the man God created you to be.

Lots of love.


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