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Sometimes I think I’m Not Like Any Other Girl


Sometimes I think I’m not like any other girl.

I’m not like the females in my family. They were born with white, porcelain skins. I was born and grew up with dark brown skin. And even though four years in Auckland had lightened up my skin, I still look quite different. People say I resemble the males in my family more, particularly my Dad.

Growing up, my female cousins loved sleepovers, playing dress-ups and tried on make-ups. I disliked sleepovers because I didn’t like sharing my bed and gossiping about boys or trash talking the mean girls at school didn’t interest me. I also didn’t care much about fashion or make-up back then. I preferred books, daydreaming, or hours spent typing stories after stories on my beloved typewriter.

I am not like any other girl.

I walk kind of manly, as my Mom said. I don’t stomp or steps roughly all over the place, but I can’t do that feminine, classy, walk-seductively-by-swaying-your-hips-left-and-right way of walking that most girls seem to have mastered. I walk the way I walk. I often stumble. I can’t stand high heels. I prefer flat shoes.

I’m allergic to earrings, except the clip-on ones. My ears get itchy and red really quickly. I have tried wearing regular dollar store earrings, plastic earrings, silver earrings, even gold earrings and they all deliver the same side effects. The only thing I haven’t tried on is diamond earrings. But diamond doesn’t pull me the way it does like it does to most girls I know.

Yes, I think I’m not like any other girl.

But that’s okay.

I’m not feminine, but not overly tomboy either. I’m not good with make-up, but I’m always learning to be better at it. I’m not as fashionable, not as stylish, and possibly not as beautiful. And that is okay, too.

I am me. I scream, not squeal. I walk, not strut. I only own five pairs of high heeled shoes, but have about a gazillion of flat shoes. I prefer reading to gossiping, writing to shopping. I rarely style my hair. I don’t fuss over my weight.

I don’t dream of having a lighter skin color. I like my color just fine. In fact, I embrace it. I look good in bright colors.

I’m not like any other girl. I am me. And there’s no one else in the world I’d rather be than me.


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