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Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market


Picture taken from Taipei Travel

It’s been months since I last wrote about my trip to Taiwan. I had previously posted about a few facts about Taiwan and a guide to the beautiful Yehliu Geopark. And now I want to share with you my experience visiting another Taiwanese gem, one of the country’s largest night markets, the Shilin Night Market.

Shilin Night Market is well-organized, fairly clean, and is filled with a glorious selection of stalls selling anything from fruits, food, clothes, toys, souvenirs, and even traditional Taiwanese medicines. It is a must visit if you want to experience a true Taiwanese lifestyle.


One of the halls in Shilin Night Market


A fruit stall.


Souvenir stall


Colorful phone straps / key chains

I recommend buying your souvenirs here (or at any other night market you visit). It’s cheaper and the choice is endless. Don’t forget to exercise your bargaining power.

The food stalls area

I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t find a good picture showing all the food stalls on this long road. This one is the best one I have. It was getting late and my tour guide was getting itchy to leave. He had made a reservation for dinner and since he paid in advance, we decided not to cancel, even though we wanted to eat at Shilin instead. There was so many food and they all looked delicious!


The famous stinky tofu

These tofu were really stinky, but they were super delicious! A must try. Just cover your nose.


Crabs! According to my brother, they are so yummy!

My tips for anyone interested in visiting Shilin Market:

* Allocate a minimum of two hours to truly experience this wonderful night market.

* Come early to avoid the dinner time crowd!

* Come with an empty stomach!

* Avoid eating big meals. Instead, purchase snack sizes. Then you can taste and enjoy more food.

* If you can’t speak Chinese, it’s helpful to bring a guide with you. All the signs and food names are all in Chinese characters. Most of the sellers can’t speak English, so ordering and bargaining will be difficult without someone fluent.

* Bring cash! There are no ATMs here and the sellers do not accept credit/debit cards.

* It gets really crowded in the food stalls area. Even though Taiwan has a low crime rate, it’s always good to mind your belongings.

Have fun in Shilin night market!


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