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Clarke Quay, Singapore


I hadn’t been back to Clarke Quay for years. I was surprised at how much the place had grown.

Tasteful restaurants lined along one side of the river, while the other side was packed with locals enjoying the afternoon breeze, eating their dinner or just enjoying each other’s company, on the steps in front of the Central building.

I left my DSLR back at the hotel, so all pictures in this post were taken by Mr. A’s Iphone 4s. Sorry if some of them were not good enough.


We decided to join the locals for a while, so we sat on the steps marveling at the view in front of us. We watched as the surrounding buildings lighted up. It was beautiful.

Singapore has always amazed me, but my visit to Clarke Quay just made me love this country even more. It’s incredible how a country just an hour and a half away from mine can be so different. We don’t have places like this in Jakarta. We have rivers in the city, but they’re repulsively dirty.


We originally wanted to try one of the dining places on the edge of the river, but they were quite pricey. Hence, we decided to push dinner until later and took a walk around the promenade instead.




We came on a Sunday and the place was busy, but still carried a sense tranquility. The ambience here was just so different from Orchard Road. It was like being in a whole other country.

If you’re into shopping, there were some stalls at the back of Riverside Point selling jewelleries, shirts, souvenirs, and gadget accessories. I think most people came for the view and the food, so these stalls were pretty deserted.

Mr. A and I loved Clarke Quay. We definitely would be back.

If you want to visit Clarke Quay, here are some tips from us to you:

* Come before sunset
* Bring some food with you to eat on the steps
* Go on the Singapore River Cruise at least once. It was a nice experience for us. Reviews coming up!
* Don’t rush. Allocate enough time to enjoy the riverside and all it has to offer


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