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Singapore River Cruise


This is a recap of my experience on board the Singapore River Cruise.

I’d probably been to Singapore a zillion times, but this was my first time on the cruise. Before my last visit to Clarke Quay, I had no idea this little gem of attraction existed. I had trailed this website and Trip Advisor for weeks trying to find new adventures to do in such a familiar land, but not once did I stumble upon this tour. I think it’s been upstaged by new mega tourist spots like the Marina Bay Sands area or the Universal Studios Singapore.

Update: I specifically searched ‘Singapore River Cruise’ on this website and it did show up, though it wasn’t on top of the results. Maybe I just missed it. 

The river cruise runs for approximately forty minutes, with recorded video and audio guides accompanying the passengers as the boat strolls across the river. Though the guides present interesting background info and history of Singapore and its river, it’s actually better to indulge yourself in the fascinating views surrounding you. Try to get a seat at the back of the boat, on an uncovered deck and immerse yourself on the enthralling sights. Who knew office buildings could be so beautiful?

We took a lot of pictures, but they’re not of the highest quality. I forgot my camera, so these were all taken using Mr. A’s Iphone 4S, while we were on a moving boat.



The cruise will take you as far as Marina Bay, past the famous Merlion and the iconic Boat Quay. It is a pleasant way to see the many famed Singapore sights. The weather was nice the day of our ride, so we were able to fully enjoy the experience.

As our boat arrived at Marina Bay, the hotel started its renowned laser light show and the view from the boat was remarkable – it was way better than seeing it from the hotel. We didn’t get to see it until the end, but we no doubt enjoyed the little treat.




There’s another view that’s not to be missed: the majestic architecture of the Fullerton Hotel. The five-star hotel stood tall and proud on the edge of the river, with decorative lights adding to its already superb exterior. Mr. A and I were in awe and we would love to stay there one day. Here’s hoping that the inside interior does not disappoint.

The picture we took didn’t do the hotel justice.


We enjoyed our ride with the Singapore River Cruise. It’s definitely less popular than the newer spots, but definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet. Though our first experience was pleasant enough, we don’t know if we would go again the second time. We think once is enough.

How to get there

Go to Clarke Quay. Cross the bridge and you’ll find the booth. It’s impossible to miss with its array of boats on the river and groups of tourists aligning to board. The last boat runs is at 10.30 p.m.

The cost 

It’s SGD $20 for adults and $10 for child.

Some tips and ideas for your visit

* Go during the night time. The view is better with all the lights on. Plus, if you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of the Marina Bay’s laser light show.

* Take a seat on the deck at the back of the boat. Go quick as this is where everyone wants to sit on.

* Try to take a different boat from the tourists. Not to be racist or anything, but they can be quite noisy, especially the ones from mainland China. You wouldn’t want them to force their way on the deck and disturb all the views, wouldn’t you? They would do that, trust me.

* For more information, visit:


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