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hello 2014!


Hi, everyone! Happy new year 2014 to you!

The last few months of 2013 were crazy. Between running my shop, doing errands after errands, and travelling (no complaints there), I simply didn’t have enough time to blog. I had written some posts, but they were all saved as drafts. My perfectionist self wasn’t ready to publish them just yet. Maybe after another million edits, I would finally share them with you all.

I spent the last two weeks of 2013 travelling with my extended family. I bet you can guess where we went from the picture above. It was a really fun and interesting trip. More on that later.

We greeted the new year from the street of Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong. Together with about a million Hong Kong residents, we watched as the sky lit up with fireworks. Then, as the clock turned t0 12:00, people started cheering, blowing their trumpets, hugging, and wishing each other a happy new year. 

Welcome to the year of the horse! This year, I want to write and blog more seriously. A fresh new layout coming soon. Better content. More posts. And finally reach the goal that I stated here.

Thank you for reading this and for following me all this time. Here’s wishing you a joyful and fruitful 2014!

God bless!


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