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Life lessons from Disney’s Frozen

Spoiler alert: skip this if you haven’t watched the movie. 


Frozen is Disney’s most recent animation release. The movie was a smash hit, earning US$110.6 million on its worldwide opening weekend, and at a US$655 million gross profit to date, this animated family drama is vastly becoming Disney’s latest shining star.

The movie’s success doesn’t come as a surprise. For years Disney’s princesses have proven their worth in climbing to the top of the box office charts and the entertainment giant’s classic storylines have always managed to capture the hearts of audiences across the world. Add to that an array of soundtracks performed brilliantly by various casts and the result is a movie that is not only entertaining, but is also moving and inspirational.

From that note, Frozen may be Disney’s most complicated animation yet. It is the company’s first take on a modernized fairy tale. It no longer deals with princesses whose problems arise mainly from their beauties. Elsa and Anna, the princesses on Frozen, have real problems that the audiences can actually relate to. How these two deal and respond to such problems instill lessons that can be learned by audiences of all ages.

Here are four life lessons I took away from Frozen: 

1. Parents, teach your children to control their gift, not conceal it 

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
(Excerpts of the song ‘Let It Go’ by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez) 

Elsa is able to create snow and ice just from a gentle swipe of her hands. This is seen as a curse by her parents after she accidentally strikes her sister, Anna. Panicked, the King and Queen visited a healer (a troll), who not only healed the almost frozen Anna, but also wiped her memories of the incident.

The troll told Elsa that she had to learn to control her gift. Little Elsa had no idea how and instead of helping her get in control, her parents locked her in a room and cut off her ties with the outside world. That was not only abusive, but borderline torture. Elsa grew up believing she was a threat and her relationship with Anna got strained. Meanwhile her power kept getting stronger and stronger.

Of course, if Elsa had learned to control her gift from the beginning, the movie wouldn’t be as good. She wouldn’t lose control during an argument with Anna, Arandelle wouldn’t be in an eternal winter, Anna wouldn’t have met Kristoff, and so on. But if we look at it a different way, the King and Queen’s decision to lock Elsa away was the beginning of all troubles. Parents, take a cue from Frozen and don’t cover up your children’s gifts, however weird that may be.

Let them blossom to the person they are meant to be. Once Elsa accepted her unique talent, she transformed into this beautiful woman. And she finally found a way to control her gift.


2. Don’t marry a man you just met 


It’s about time, Disney. Thank you for finally teaching young girls that it’s absurd to marry a man you just met.

3. Love your family. 


Anna’s attitude toward Elsa is a sisterly love in its purest form. She is always there for her sister, even when Elsa refused to have a relationship with her in the beginning. And when Elsa struck Arandelle with her magical winter power, Anna defended her from the angry mob and set off on a journey to find her and help her fix her mistake. She never judges, never criticizes. She accepts and loves her sister the way she is.

In real life, this is easier said than done. We don’t all have Anna’s big heart and undeniable optimism. But family is family. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistake. Choose to accept, instead of refute. Choose to forgive, instead of hate. Choose love.

Everything in life comes and goes. But family is there to stay.

4. Be like Olaf 

Olaf is a snowman created by Elsa. He is a bubble of character. He is a very happy thing, always in high spirits. No matter in what situation he is in, he always manages to come out dancing and singing joyfully. He’s even excited about summer. 


Next time we are facing a problem, let’s try to keep a positive attitude.

GIF images from Royal-Tarts on Devianart


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